An SLP’s Guide on How to Best Support Parents

Information is constantly being thrown at parents – from educators, coaches, healthcare professionals, and more – and it is crucial that you, as the SLP, help them navigate this unfamiliar territory. Today we are sharing four helpful tips for supporting and assisting parents.

  1. Arm Parents with Information – Providing parents with resources and ways for them to track their child’s development is not only helpful for them, but for you, too! Giving them autonomy over things like tracking their child’s development can help them feel involved and productive, while giving you great insight.! Remember – the more information they have, the more confident they will feel!
  2. Inquire About Access – This involves inquiring as to what type of access they have to information. Access to things like medical professionals, community involvement, paid and free resources are extremely important and can give you a better understanding to life outside the clinic and the support system at home.
  3. Relevant and Immediate – Research suggests adults want relevant and immediate information. Ask questions to ensure you are providing what they need, both currently and what to anticipate in new development.
  4. Hold Their Hand If Needed – Depending on the parents’ ability to navigate online resources, you may walk them through, provide a short video on how to, or print and provide the information. While it may seem basic, some parents will need this guidance!

Once again, Happy #BetterSpeechandHearingMonth to all of our SLP, SLPA, and AuD friends! We are thankful for your passion to better our field and wish you all the praise you deserve this month!