Choosing Therapy Materials for CCN & Significant Behavioral Challenges

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Me during a communication breakdown

Everyone gets frustrated when they encounter a breakdown in communication!

Those with complex communication needs (CCN) are likely to experience significant challenges and breakdowns in communication leading to frustration. For students with severe behavioral challenges that may include self-injurious behaviors or harming others the therapist should be mindful when choosing materials. 

First and foremost- ALWAYS have low tech AAC options available and readily accessible everywhere! I mean everywhere!

  • Can the student actively engage with it safely without constant verbal redirection? 
    • choking hazard, breakable, self harm 
  • Is it meaningful to the student? 
    • connect to past experience, curriculum, personal interest, etc.
  • Does it provide unending language opportunities?
    • This is a BIG one- no 1 hit wonders
    • Think TONS of usage for multiple targets (work wiser not harder)
  • Easily replaceable 
    • damage is inevitable
    • may not want to use your $100 Caribou- Check out @simplyspeakingslt  Her electronic versions of multiple games are awesome alternatives!
  • Books, books books & more books! 
    • I love all things to do with literacy development!
    • Make laminated copies or check out free digital copies (Epic, Storyline Online, Hoopla)

Always look for ways to incorporate movement, sensory items and music!

Here are some additional great resources:
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This is a Boom Deck to discuss personal interests and preferences

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– Jill