Do you have “IT”?

It’s a niche working with students with CCN and significant challenging behaviors. 

There are many jobs I can strongly say I am NOT cut out for!  Window washing (way too high), dentistry (no offense but ew), Disneyland worker (I can’t fake a smile for that long every day. 

BUT..I am cut out for my students! I love it beyond words! 

When I hire a new SLP/CF/SLPA, I look for “IT”. I don’t care or even look at grades, class placement, accolades or the quality of the paper your resume is on. I observe their ability to communicate, nature of their body language (calm, natural but confident) and how they discuss a time they experienced success and failure with a student. What is their mindset?  Was the failure of an opportunity to learn and try again? Or was it, I’m not cut out for this or “I don’t really care for that area of speech”? I will hire someone (even over the phone) when it is overwhelmingly clear that no matter how many years they have practiced they hold these qualities: eager to learn, willing to mess up but most importantly, someone who doesn’t give up.  

You need to have GRIT and BELIEVE that ALL children can learn and communicate if given the opportunity!

I can teach, demonstrate and guide you with everything else! 

I need at least both hands to count the times that I have been asked if it is required to take work home. Here is my answer: It is NOT required, but if when you have passion, drive and excitement about the change you are making in a student’s life…you take your work home whether you like it or not. You will dream about your students, you will think of your students when you are shopping, out on a walk with your kids, sitting at dinner, wherever. These kids leave an immeasurable imprint of love, possibility, and joy on you. I will take that every single day, all day!

So do you have “IT”?