Ideas for Language Development

Ideas for Language Development and Practice:


  • Epic!,, books, Hoopla, Storybook Online
  • Goal Objectives: Describing, Vocabulary, Recalling, Answering questions, Expanding utterances, Summarizing, Sentence formulation


  • Goal Objectives: Inferencing , Reading non-verbal expressions, Feelings, Figurative language, Main idea, Supportive details, Retelling

Scavenger Hunt

  • Goal Objectives: Following directions, Listening comprehension, Collaboration with others, Reasoning


  • Goal Objectives: Negotiation, Compromise, Sharing, Taking turns, Conversation, Perspective taking, Dispute resolution.


  • Goal Objectives: Sequencing, Following directions, Temporal language, Comprehension, Waiting, Understanding math vocabulary

Virtual Field Trips

  • Goal Objectives: Descriptive language, Compare and Contrast, Vocabulary Acquisition, Synonyms/Antonyms, Associations, Categories.

Video Games

  • Goal Objectives: Describe using details, Playing fair, Following rules, Giving detailed instructions that can be followed

Ideas for Speech Practice:

  • Most importantly- Take off the “Parent” Hat
    • If the mailman wouldn’t understand then you need to reinforce that you didn’t either
  • Morning/Evening Mirror Practice
    • Put word list on the bathroom mirror
  • Speech-to-Text Practice
    • Use iPad to “translate” what was said. For non-readers have it read back to check accuracy

You can download Speech Sound Challenges and Language Sound Challenges worksheets HERE for additional fun! If you have questions about any of these activities, contact