What is AAC Modeling

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Scavenger Hunt

(choose your own green and gold items (socks, coins, gems, shamrocks, leprechauns, etc)
NEED: Leprechaun and rainbow for end of game

Activity: Hide & Find items hidden around the classroom, describe and follow directions.
Skills Covered: Receptive, Expressive and Pragmatic Skills
Review vocabulary terms and instructions as a class (shamrock, leprechaun, etc)
Have students verbally or with AAC devices label and describe non-related items with the
same attributes as hidden items: (rocks, gems, ribbon, foil, sponge, tablecloth)
Pass out sentence strips for finding items and modeling throughout scavenger hunt
Therapists/teacher/classroom aids will assist in modeling (remember to give students
time to process and allow conversational exchanges between students
After each item is found students will follow directions of where to place the item
(shamrock, socks, hat, flowers, gold coins)
When the last item is found (gold coins), students will follow directions to find the
rainbow in the classroom. “Where is it raining? Find the rainbow. Put it in the gold bag ”.
Social: Students can work together giving praise and clues to each other. End with
congratulating their teammates and friends.
Use the sentence strips included based on where you hide your items.

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