Water and AAC Don’t Mix!

This is a funny, yet not so funny story….I have a client that was a new AAC user having so much success and joy in his new ability to communicate. In all the excitement of encroaching bath time, he was throwing in ALL the things needed for his tub time ~ he of course, threw in his iPad!!

I mean – right?! I will need to talk while I’m in the tub! I’m going to need to tell you that I don’t like the shampoo in my eyes! Or that the water is too cold.

Here is a work around for bath time, water park or a pool event.

  • ALWAYS have a core board printed and laminated ready for action! You can find them for free on www.project-core.com

  • Print off and laminate “key” icons:


  • If you have a reader, use bath crayons to write Key words for use ease:


If you are at the pool/water park, place the laminated core board in the iPad case. This is to ensure your child knows to use it for the same purpose.

My new resource, AAC & Water, is perfect to use with your child during bath time! It includes:
-Core Vocabulary
-Phrases for a social story
-Beginning sounds and word to practice in the tub
-Phrases for AAC modeling opportunities in the tub

You can find the link to AAC & Water here!