What is a Preference Assessment?

Knowing your student’s reinforcers, interests and more importantly- their aversions can inform how we interact, react and choose our therapy materials. Around 14 yrs old students engage in a transition plan. This is when the team (student and family included) begin to identify interests for the future and goal planning. I noticed that many of my students appeared to be just randomly pointing during the pictorial inventory. It dawned on me that for my students with complex communication needs, I needed to explicitly teach them how to communicate their preferences WAYYY prior to them needing to answer these questions. 

During our in-person therapy, we are constantly conducting preference assessments (i.e. watching reactions to certain activities, toys, manipulatives, etc). 

In this ever-changing environment, I needed a way to practice in person and So I created this tool with 4 categories and over 100 targets that I plan to use with all my new students on a regular basis. I want to teach them how to answer in an effective and purposeful way. The tool begins with a simple thumbs-up, maybe and thumbs down and graduates to a “tell me more” fill-in-the-blank. 


  • Symbol Supported for ALL student access
  • Symbol Swap- swap out and use your students’ symbols
  • Print/ No Print Access
  • Additional blank pages to edit as needed

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